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Club Safety

Background Checks & Security Systems

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Greater West Plains Area are committed to keeping children safe.  Our staff, board members, and volunteers go through a rigorous national background check annually. In addition, our site doors automatically lock and a smart key system is in place. Parents and volunteers must be buzzed into the building by an employee. We have cameras in many locations, both indoors and outdoors. We do not have public-use bathrooms.

Training & Drills

While our Youth Development Professionals focus on health, wellness, literacy, and STEM programming in the classroom, they are first trained in safety procedures, Club protocols, and emergency plans. Between each summer and school-year session, staff receive refresher training in these areas. Additionally, staff are trained as mandatory reporters before working with Club Members. One or more staff on-site are trained and certified in CPR/AED/First Aid. Fire drills and tornado drills are conducted regularly, and staff are trained in soft and hard lockdown protocols. All Youth Development Professionals are trained to grab their First Aid and Emergency Bag and attendance rosters in the event of any emergency or evacuation, so we can properly account for all our Club Members and tend to their needs.

Severe / Inclement Weather

We are vigilant in watching the weather to make sure temperatures are safe for the kids to play outside, and for any weather emergencies. When we feel that we cannot open the Club on a previously scheduled day due to weather or other emergency, we notify parents via Remind 101 and social media. We encourage all Club Parents to sign up for our Remind 101 texting service.

Safety Committee

Additionally, we have a Safety Committee, which is headed by a board member, and always includes our Club Program Director, Club Parents, and/or other safety officials from the community, dedicated to ensuring we are constantly utilizing and updating best practices for keeping our Club Members safe. Safety Committee Members, like our staff, are committed to putting child safety and wellbeing first. If you are a Club Parent and interested in being a part of the Safety Committee, please contact [email protected].

Member Pick-Up

Club member pick-up persons are required to show ID to ensure that our members are released only to their parents/guardian and other delegated pick-up persons. For safety reasons, many of our safety protocols and procedures are not further disclosed to the public. Staff lists and schedules, field trips, enrollment lists, and student and staff names are not listed on public forums like our website, nor is this information available by coming to the Club or calling in.  Relevant scheduling and field trip information is available to authorized persons via Remind101, and that information can also be requested by such persons at the front office.