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Volunteer With Us!

Volunteer Requirements

Thank you for your willingness to volunteer with us!

Our volunteers must agree to the following criteria, and fill out the Volunteer Application via the button to the right.

  • Volunteers must consent to and pass a comprehensive background check and reference check.
  • Volunteers must comply with all Club safety practices and procedures.
  • Volunteers must wear a Volunteer Badge ID while volunteering.

Volunteer Options

Thank you for choosing to volunteer with the Boys & Girls Club of the Greater West Plains Area. We have 3 sites: West Plains and Thayer are open year round, while our Richard site is only in operation during the school year. We need volunteers for all sorts of important things, and chances are, we need you!

We welcome volunteers to assist in many ways: tutoring, coaching, piano lessons, voice lessons, building maintenance, and assisting with one-time fundraisers or activities. When you click the Sign Up Now button, you'll see many opportunities for serving the children in our community, and you can even make a request for a specific project or program you'd like to assist with or spearhead!